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As Sedef Restaurant, we bring to the tables of our guests the recipes of the skillful hands for years and the flavors of these recipes that have been ingrained in our palate without changing them. We offer the warmth of Anatolia at every meal, and we experience the delight of seeing the warming happiness of our traditions on their faces.

It takes effort to bring back the flavors that have been hidden in our lands and the recipes that are about to be forgotten. Discovering the mysterious world of spices, being able to give the meat its due, and being able to remain a mouth-watering taste in every meal… We are happy to offer our customers excellent tastes with our masters who have learned the science of culinary arts, from the rich tastes of Anatolia to world flavors, from coffee varieties to aromatic herbal teas.

Sedef Restaurant brings together our traditional tastes with modern culinary arts with its heartwarming concept, rich breakfast menu, pastas decorated with the sauce recipe that your mother did not give to anyone, the most special salad varieties of world cuisines, the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine and desserts that one slice will never be enough. The most enjoyable of indecision and the most unique taste experience of eating is in Beyoğlu Halimbey… The most natural and freshest form of baked goods that come out fresh from the oven every hour of the day and delicatessen products are always waiting for you in Sedef Restaurant.

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Tekelli, Bilal Eroğlu Cd. No.3, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir - Turkey


+90 544 271 23 56

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